CBT for Stress


Stress can be caused by many things. Stress is often caused by lifestyle choices such as overworking, trying to do too much or leaving things to the last minute. Stress can also be caused by something that is totally out of one’s control such as a pandemic, illness or any other situational change.

Moderate stress can actually be a good thing, as it can result in you being more active and having more energy, amongst other positive symptoms. Severe stress however, causes a sense of being overwhelmed, tired, feeling powerless or sense of a loss of control.

CBT can help by identifying the reasons behind the causes of stress. Whatever the cause is, CBT will have tangible tools to manage it or even change things so the stress is fully removed.    

When stressed you may feel short tempered or tense, worrying can get out of hand, or sleep may be affected. CBT would be helpful in teaching you to learn how to sleep better and how to worry less.  

woman on her bed stressed out throwing books

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