EMDR for Addiction

A Combined Approach

At Positive Mind Practice, we combine CBT and EMDR to treat addiction. This is simply due to the possible complexity of addiction. Addictive behaviour is formed for many reasons; CBT offers a very good explanation on the maintenance of addictive behaviour and EMDR is effective in removing emotional distress regarding old traumatic events.

This way, the combination targets all aspects of the feelings which drive your addictive behaviour. 

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Addiction is often a consequence of an unhelpful coping strategy for something else that has gotten out of hand, therefore the combined approach of CBT and EMDR as a treatment for the addiction is the approach we use.

This is based on research from both therapy fields CBT and EMDR respectively. CBT research is clear about how we create a short clip in our heads just before carrying out addictive behaviour, this clip would be addressed in CBT by increasing control before the addictive behaviour happens. Whereas in EMDR, the focus of the session is more on the emotional side of the addiction, looking at when the addiction started and understanding how the feeling is connected to the addictive behaviour and its cognitions.

How does it work?

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